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Jun 2017

XenServer, vCenter and vSphere all require SMB V1... so, I WannaCry.

Microsoft Posted a HUGE list of products which still have SMB1. Here’s the MEGA LIST.

Then I also just got this email from my pal Webster who runs the famous Citrix-focused blog “The Accidental Citrix Admin” blog over at

If  Webster got zapped, you might get zapped too. Here’s the note:

I disabled SMB V1 on both of my Synology NAS units.

I run both vSphere 6.5 and XenServer 7.1 in my lab.

Everything was fine since all the hosts already had connected to all their storage.

Before I left for three back-to-back conferences, I shutdown EVERYTHING in my lab.

All nine servers, both Synology NAS units, my laptops, tablets, and switch.

Ten days later, I come home and power everything back on. Guess what? None of the hosts would work.

Guess who REQUIRES SMB V1 to work? Both Citrix XenServer and VMware vCenter and vSphere.

After re-enabling SMB V1 on both NAS units, I had to destroy all storage connections and re-create them to get them to reattach. Six wasted hours. A simple Google search BEFORE disabling SMB V1 on my storage devices would have revealed numerous articles stating that XenServer, vCenter and vSphere all require SMB V1.


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