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May 2012

Warning: Group Policy Isn’t just for Swedes !

Sweden was… AWESOME ! And now I’m back and ready to kill it here in the USA.

While I was away in Sweden.. something magical happened. We had 10 people already sign up for the Salem, OR class. Holy crap. Maybe the fastest "ON" we’ve ever had. So.. um… don’t wait if you’d like to get smarter in Win7 / Win 8 / Security / GPOs and have some fun. (

So, in Sweden, I recorded a podcast in front of a super nice and warm live studio audience.

Special thanks to my hosts at (Michael Anderberg, and Johan Person, Michael Nystrom), who were super awesome to me during my time there. In this podcast you’ll learn:

– What its like to be an MVP (and if there’s a secret handshake).

– Why did I get starting diving deep into Group Policy?

– Why my childhood helped me become the GP geek I am.

– Learn a GP trick to .. um… be an Evil Genius. (Don’t do this.)

– What the big secret of GP is, that most people don’t know.

– What GP does GREAT and also NOT so great (and how to fix it.)

And.. like lots of other fun stuff.

The link is…

Enjoy.. ! And leave a comment / Tweet it. And, if you’re not following me on twitter.. whatruwaitingfor ?

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