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Group Policy is a critical part of your Windows Active Directory network.

However, over time, you could see logon time slowdowns, strange client behavior, and difficult troubleshooting.

The Group Policy Analysis Service can help organizations large and small discover exactly what is causing these issues. You’ll have clear, actionable steps to take when the analysis is complete to reduce complexity, streamline your infrastructure, and reduce errors and problems.

This is a PAID consulting service where you engage with Jeremy Moskowitz, former Group Policy MVP directly.

You get a very comprehensive report based on YOUR environment with specific items you should address immediately to reduce problems and increase security.

There are no travel costs associated with this service, and there is no need to open “outside VPN” access to us.

The best part is, this is a flat-rate engagement, so even if you have a very complex environment, the costs are fixed and will not go up.

The average report is about 30 pages entirely customized to you based upon what’s found, and specific instructions on how to mange your particular challenges.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Ensure all Group Policy Objects are set with the right security.
  • Ensure optimal use of Group Policy is achieved so faster logins occur.
  • Identify areas of concern which could destabilize the desktop and reduce security.

…and a whole lot more.

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