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Nov 2015

Wubba heck is WUB (Windows Update for Business)

In the spirit of NOT repeating everything word for word that people have already laid down, I can point you to some very well written articles explaining the basics of Windows Update for Business.

That being said, before you dive in, here’s my pre-2 cents / summary of Windows Update for Business (WUB):

  • Windows Update for Business is not (yet another) cloud service.
  • Windows Update for Business is not WSUS in the cloud. (See first bullet point.)
  • Windows Update for Business is a mere SINGLE Group Policy Setting.
  • The point of WUB is to use the GP skills you already have to create “collections” (my word) or “rings” (Microsoft’s word) dictating when some machines will accept updates and others will not. (What? No / need GP skills? )
  • You can still use WSUS if you want to; but the point is that Microsoft is basically saying “trust us with the update blocks.” Here’s the difference between WSUS and WUB:
    • WSUS enables you to get really granular. But that’s more work because you need to (theoretically) test then approve each update.
    • WUB enables you to get LESS granular about your choices, but instead trust that Microsoft has pre-vetted the patches by the time those patches make it to you.
  • You still need to use WSUS until your whole universe is Windows 10; then you can (theoretically) abandon WSUS and use only WUB.

So, here are the good articles I’ve seen explaining WUB.


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