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Oct 2013

Tip o’ the hat to Chris Jaramillo who first pointed this problem out to me -and- the solution.

Here’s the lashup:

  • You’ve got Windows 8 and/or
  • Windows Server 2012
  • You’ve got WSUS and
  • You’re using the existing GP settings to manage WSUS

And, darnit.. Win8 and/or WS2012 are simply not playing ball with the WSUS GP settings.

So Win8 and WS2012 machines are getting updates (but not WHEN you want) THEN they’re rebooting (also NOT when you want.)


Those systems (Win8 / WS2012) weren’t coded to read those policy settings.

But hark !!

A hotfix has been made available to make Win8 and WS2012 act like Win7 and WS08 with regards to “doing what’s in the WSUS GP” settings.

Here’s the Microsoft blog entry on the subject.

Here’s the hotfix download to get you there.

Thanks again to Chris Jaramillo for this tip !

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