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Oct 2018

Windows 1809 Group Policy Blue Screen After Upgrading (that you don't have to panic about)

Hi Team..!

As some of you know, Windows 1809 rollout was paused for upgrade problem (

But I got a copy before it got yanked. When I did some tests.. in upgrading from Windows 1803 to 1809 on  some machines ,

I found this interesting "Blue Screen" which.. you should NOT FREAK OUT ABOUT.

GPSVC service failed UUID Blue Screen

The good news is that this only occurs ONE time per machine, on the first attempted login. Then.. never again.

Maybe again the next time Windows is upgraded... maybe maybe you'll see it again.. but ... maybe not.

 Anyway: If you get people reporting this.. you can cheerfully just say "Got it" and then.. don't worry about it.

It's the one blue screen.. NOT to freak out about.

My friend Thorbjorn Sjovold from SpecopSoftware explains also how this can occur: 

Another great read !


Also, and totally unrelated.. I'm doing a live webinar with my friends at NetWrix.. 

What: Group Policy Changes - What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You"
When: October 25 at 1.00 PM EST.
Who: You. Me. Them.
Anything else? : Not that I can think of.

Great? So what are you waiting for? Sign up and see you there.

See ya soon.

-Jeremy Moskowitz

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