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Nov 2018

Windows 1809 ADMX Files, Spreadsheet, and Security Baselines ... Out the door and final.

If you're using Windows 1809, the final 1809 ADMX, 1809 ADMX Spreadsheet and 1809 security baselines are out the door.

1809 ADMX:

1809 Spreadsheet:

1809 Baselines:  

As a reminder, here's my best practice video for ADMXs and how to update the central store:

That's it. ! Hope it helps you out!

Thanks to my friend Jeremy F for the reminder to send this to the gang... !



Comments (2)

Wolfgang Röhrs

seems that one of the "Microsoft Edge" Policies is malfunctioning: Windows Components\Microsoft Edge\Configure Pop-up Blocker The MicrosoftEdge.admx says: set "yes"/"no" for enabled/disabled within the registry. But Microsoft Edge is only able to understand "1"/"0" there. Just opened a support case for that... be continued...

Wolfgang Röhrs

...continuing: documentation is wrong (, where it is stated that registry is "0"/"1"), policy is working right. Finished.