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Aug 2016

Windows 10 Build 1607 (Anniversary Edition) - Group Policy

So.. “Windows 13” is out.. I mean… “Windows 10, Build 1607 Anniversary Edition” of course. And, it’s a pretty big update. To make your life easier I rounded up all the news about Group Policy and this build into one place. THIS PLACE.

Here we go !

Item #1: Get the latest ADMX download

Item #2: What to do with this ADMX download (video I made back in the day)

Item #3: Some Policy Setting items are ONLY in the Enterprise/Edu editions and NOT in Pro.

Here’s that list so you don’t punch a wall, wondering why a setting isn’t working as expected on your Pro machines.

Item #4: Latest ADMX Spreadsheet

First: The latest Group Policy Spreadsheet is found at:
But there are some old ones too. The right one to get is:
Here’s a picture so you don’t mess it up (like I did):

Item #5: How do you find ONLY new policies for Win 10 Build 1607?

When you open the spreadsheet it, look at COL H which says “New for”…
Here’s a picture:

Item #6: Microsoft Edge got some new policies
And .. at least one only works when the machines are DOMAIN JOINED ONLY (so Local Policy won’t work too if the machine is not domain joined.)

Item #7: How to delay the Anniversary Update.

Item #8: A bunch of stuff has changed around Windows Update.

I’m working on chewing thru this; and promise to have it sorted out by the time the Chicago class happens.
Soooooo… COME to the Chicago class, will ya!?

With over half the seats sold, don’t be “that guy” who missed the boat. Remember: Windows 10 is now already up to “Windows 12” or “Windows 13” depending on how you count the updates. If you don’t keep up with what’s new, you’re gonna fall so far behind you might as well throw out everything and go back to abacii (abacuses?). Whatever, you get the idea. Details:

Where: Chicago (Addison)
When: Oct 10-13. (Four Days)
Cost: $2400.
Guarantee: 100% guaranteed to be awesome or your money back. Really and truely.
How to sign up (up to 3 people):
Got 4 or more people? Gotta call us for mega discount: 215-391-0096.

Thousands of admins have taken (and RE-TAKEN) my killer Group Policy Class.

Get up to speed (or get up to speed AGAIN if you need to).

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