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Jun 2011

This tip is a "blast from the past"… I talked about this some time ago, and bringing it back, as it appears to be a hot topic right now.

Let’s start with Replication Problems.

Remember that a GPO is make up of two halves: the GPC and GPT.

And they get replicated to all DCs. What if one of your DCs isn’t getting the message about the updated GPO? And then, some of your client machines are trying to ask that DC for the latest GPO information.

Right, they get either no information or the wrong information.

So what can you do?

First, try GPOtool. It’s a download from the Microsoft 2003 Resource Kit. It can help you troubleshoot to see if the GPC and GPT are on all of your DCs.

But, here’s another tip: try creating a new user and then using Active Directory Users and Computers to "Change Domain Controllers" and verify that new account "makes it" to all your DCs. That will verify the path of the GPC.

Similarly, try creating a new text file (like a readme file or something) and dropping it into SYSVOL. Then, check out the SYSVOL on all DCs and make sure that readme file "makes it." This will verify the path of the GPT.

If the GPC and GPT are successfully replicating to all DCs (and you’ve verified that replication itself is working A-OK) there are lots of other things to check, which we’ll examine in other tips !

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