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Nov 2018

What is an MDM deep link (and how can I use it to enroll computers into Intune?)

The goal of IT today is to make IT processes as automated as possible so that your IT professionals that are being paid the big bucks don’t have to spend all of their time on trivial tasks such as MDM enrolling devices.  You also don’t want them answering help desk calls all day from users who are confused how to follow the steps on their own that you sent them. 

Well, as you might expect, there is another way.  You can use deep links.  Let’s say you have a new employee with his own BYOD system, and you need their new device to be MDM enrolled.  You send them a nice friendly email that say something like:

Welcome aboard.  We need you to enroll your new Windows 10 laptop.  Please click here to do so.

(Don't worry, that link won't send you to siberia or anything.)

You can check it.. that embedded hyperlink actually points to:


You could also put a link on your company’s portal page and inform users to click the link to enroll a new device.  Clicking this link will launch the flow equivalent to the Enroll into device management option in Windows 10, except it will do the kickoff via the browser.  Note that only Edge and Internet Explorer appear supported however for deep links during my testing. 

Your users still have to input some information. 

Buuuut... If you want to make it even easier for them, you could append their username as a parameter in the link so that it would already be filled in the Email address box.

ms-device-enrollment:?mode=mdm&[email protected]

Note that this option parameter and others are only available in Windows 10, version 1703 or later.

Of course there are more MDM solutions than just Intune.  If you are using Workspace One as your MDM, you may be required to enter a specific server name.  Once again, you can bypass the process of having your users input these specifics in manually by adding the server name parameter.

ms-devicenrollment:?mode=mdm&[email protected]&servername=

The result would look like this:

Note that there are other optional parameters such as ownership which denotes wheter the device is BYOD or owned by the business enterprise.  Another one is deviceidentifier which passes a unique identifier onto the device.

The point is that Deep Links is made to make it easy and comfortable for users to self enroll themselves.  Self deployment is one of the goals of cloud computing. 

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