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Aug 2023

Use Intune to Enforce Edge Typosquatting Protection

Typosquatting, often referred to as URL hijacking or domain mimicking, involves registering domain names strikingly similar to well-known websites. It preys on users who mistype web addresses, leading them to imitation websites instead of their intended destinations. Once there, users might unknowingly enter sensitive information or inadvertently download malware.

Major browsers like Microsoft Edge have built-in typosquatting protection. If users enter a potentially harmful site address by mistake, Edge alerts them. Though this feature is typically active by default, it's wise to verify its status. You can do this with Intune by creating a Configuration Profile.

Create a new Configuration Profile and select ‘Windows 10 and later’ as the Platform and choose the Settings catalog as the Profile. Click ‘Add settings’ > search for the word ‘typo’ and select:

Microsoft Edge \Typosquatting Checker Settings.

You can then choose either of the Configure Edge TyposquattingChecker options as shown in the example below. I chose both just to illustrate. Once selected you can enable the settings to the left. Then click Next and assign the policy to your designated groups and save it.

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