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Jul 2017

Updated Group Policy Is Not Dead Manifesto - July 2017


I keep getting asked “What do I think of DSC vs. Group Policy” a lot.

So I decided to work closely with Jeffrey Snover, father of Powershell and DSC to come up with some clarifying points.

As such, I have embedded them into my “Why Group Policy Is Not Dead Manifesto”.

If you don’t want to re-read the whole thing , here are the updates for July 2017:

  • Worked with Jeffrey Snover to provide DSC + Windows Client “Truths & Tenets”. (PLEASE use them in Powerpoints, etc. They are blessed as gospel.)
  • Updated Nano server since the infrastructure pieces are now GONE in Nano.
  • Defined “Two Racoons in bag” as “Competing Controllers”
  • Added a link to Security Compliance Toolkit
  • Demonstrated that Security Compliance Manager 4.0 is now dead.

Here’s the link to share with the world:

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