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Jun 2012


I am back from TechEd Orlando, and … Holy Moly.. I cannot fathom how much "stuff" goes on at TechEd every year.

First.. THANK YOU to everyone who I met in person, came to my talks and got to spend some time with. You guys really make TechEd fun for me.. because the amount of work leading up to TechEd is backbreaking. Thanks for being so .. great !

So, at TechEd, in my own little piece of the TechEd world, I had FOUR "duties."  Three speeches and a book giveaway and signing. I have pictures from two of these events:

Here are pictures from the Viewfinity Book Signing Event:

Yes.. that’s the line.. and EVERYONE got a copy of my Group Policy book for Windows 7. Killer !
The best part was.. MOST people were already part of the Team, and when and where to be there.. Awesome !

Also, super fun, was my speech with Jeff Hicks, PowerShell MVP. Jeff played the part of "Professor PowerShell." I played the part of the "Pointy Haired Boss." Here are the pics:

If you couldn’t make TechEd Orlando, I hope to see some of you in TechEd Europe.

If I won’t see you NEXT week, here are two other things you might want to check out THIS WEEK:

1) Tomorrow .. Tuesday, June 19th … for those in my local area (like 100 miles of Philadelphia) I’ll be speaking at the "GR8 Exchange Lync & System Center Conference." It’s not free, but it’s a really good deal at only $179. Me and lots of other speakers I think you’ll like. Check it out here:

2) Also Tomorrow.. Tuesday, June 19th… My friends at Avecto are having a webinar that DOESN’T have me. But, it looks interesting anyway, so I thought I would share. 10.00 AM EST.

Okay… Thanks Team.. and.. talk with you soon !

PS: I got a tremendous amount of feedback from my speeches at TechEd. Here’s my favorite comment:

Mr. Moskowitz is a fantastic presenter, and an absolute treat to see. His presentation showed me ideas I’ve never thought of implementing before, and now I’m VERY eager to use them at my business (although I don’t think my users will be as enthusiastic!) ? Thanks, Mr. Moskowitz!

Thanks whoever-you-are ! If you’re interested in getting me at your own organization for a private class, please email me, and make contact. I’ve got some available dates now that TechEd is over, but I’m assuming those dates will fill up fast.

Thanks !

Jeremy Moskowitz (Group Policy Community)    (PolicyPak Software)

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