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Apr 2008

RSAT Tools are out (and GPPEs available as "Optional Software")

This blog entry is two tips in one. Click to find out why. Inside you'll learn about the RSAT tools and also where the GPPEs can be downloaded using Microsoft Update.

Remember the ADMINPAK? It's not available on Vista, but the all-new released-today RSAT tools are. RSAT stands for "Remote Server Administration Tools." It contains the GPMC, ADUC, and all the greatest hits.


Download the Vista + SP1 + x86 version here: ttp://

Download the Vista + SP1 + x64 version here:

PS: I'm seeing the links going up and down all day today. It's weird.

In other news, the GPPEs are available as "Optional Software updates" using Microsoft Update as seen here. Thanks to Scott Bailey for this tip !

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