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Jul 2014

Latest Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2 ADMX Templates now available

Microsoft from time to time publishes updated Admin Templates (ADMX and ADML) files when a new OS is released.

The latest download is now available at:

They usually also produce an updated settings spreadsheet, but that’s on the way, and not here yet.

To be honest: The best way you’re going to learn how to use and manage these files is if you take my live or online Group Policy training. I really, really go over this in depth.

But, as a service to the community, I have this video, from the last time Microsoft released ADMX files. So .. watch it.

Some other FAQs:

1) If you already have files in the central store, just LEAVE THEM and overwrite what’s there with these latest ones.

2) You don’t have to have Windows 8.1 or Server 2012 R2 to use these ADMX files.

3) You don’t have to “touch” or “update” the GPOs in any way after you update the ADMX files.

Hope this helps. And if you really want to conquor group policy, preferences, security, servers, RDS, loopback, WMI, ADMX files and TONS MORE.. Join me at my next live class or join the GP Online University.

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