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Feb 2015

Group Policy Preferences: Powerful *AND* mysterious.

I think the reason that GPPreferences is both heralded and feared, is that … they are both POWERFUL but MYSTERIOUS.

In my GP Training class we spend a WHOLE DAY and then some on the GPPrefs.. because.. of both of their POWER and their MYSTERY.

I found these quickie introductory articles on the GPPrefs and thought I would share them. It’s a three part series.. and a quick read:

Just to put a fine point on it: You’ve already paid for the power of the GPPrefs. But if you don’t know what they can do, or exactly how to use them (without blowing your toes off) you’re missing out.

To get you where you need to go, I humbly suggest my upcoming training class in Salt Lake City Mar 9 – 12.
Get prices and sign up at Discounts available with 4+ people coming.

Remember: Microsoft never goes “backward”.. so this stuff will be valid for Windows 10 when it hits !

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