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Jun 2011

Group Policy and backups using Powershell

My pal and fellow MVP Jeff Hicks noticed something. He noticed that the Group Policy Powershell cmdlets had a Backup-GPO and Restore-GPO (seen here…)


But there was no way to really get into the "Manage Backups" stuff that you can only get to within the GUI.


So he created it. You can see Jeff’s interesting blog post about using PowerShell to get to this part of the world here:

Also, I wanted to say THANKS to the folks who showed up for my "Secret Group Policy Meetup" at TechEd.

We got to the bottom of some sticky issues for those who attended and had a really fun overall "rap" session.

We even had several guest stars: Aaron Margosis, Microsoft Technical Services and fellow TechEd speaker, Thorbjorn Svolvold, Group Policy big-brain from Specops software and Zach Alexander from the Group Policy team at Microsoft. Thanks everyone for attending !

Photo Credit: Takayuki Shodai also in attendance, but not shown, since he’s taking the picture. Thanks Takayuki !


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