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Feb 2011

GPMC Backspace Bug: Not fixed in Windows 7 / Server 2008 SP1.. but in this Hotfix !

This one has been bugging me for a LONG time, and likely affects your life too.

You're going along, typing in the name of a GPO, then.. Uh-oh.. a little typo.

You hit backspace, and Crappers.. it doesn't work !

My own personal workaround to this is to use Ctrl-Shift + Left arrow and wipe out the whole entry, or, of course, use the mouse to fix.

But, there's a hotfix, waiting for you, and it's right here.

Here's the weird part.. apparently, this hotfix isn't inside Windows 7 SP1or Server 2008 SP1 (if I'm reading the article correctly.) And the hotfix download page seems to say that it will only be part of SP2 !!

So, even AFTER you apply SP1 (when available) you should apply this hotfix to your machines running the GPMC.

The link to the hotfix is here:

Special Thanks to Mark Parris who provided the inspiration to this tip. His blog can be found here:

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