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Oct 2017

Everything you need to know about Windows 10 1709 Group Policy Updates

Windows 1709 “Dropped.” As in.. Dropped the Mic AWESOME !

Here’s your homework:

1. Start out by downloading the 1709 ADMX templates.

1b. Optional, recommended: Immediately put them in the Central Store.
I get this question a lot, but for me, there’s no DOWNSIDE to using these
NOW, even if you have ZERO Windows 10 1709 machines “out there.”
At least you can see “all that’s possible” in GP-land once you do this.
Old video, still works as expected:

1b. REPLACE old ADMX files and KEEP any “overage.” Here is an answer to a FAQ:

2. Check out the 1709 ADMX settings reference:
TIP: Column A.. filter by 1709, and bingo.. New stuff to check out !

3. Check out the 1709 Security Baselines.

There’s just a metric new ton of GP settings for the various security features.

Which .. ya know.. I will go over in excrutating detail in my upcoming Group Policy
training class in LAX (Dec 3 – 5.)

Because: Yes, you totally want to be caught off guard by updates, new stuff in the box,
things you could have secured but didn’t, and all that stuff.

What? You DONT want to be caught off guard? If **ONLY** there was a training class you could take for that.. Then.. man, that would be AWESOME.

Wait: There is! In Los Angeles.. Dec 4 – 6.

Get that seat, or be LEFT OUT !

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