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Jun 2013

Deliver IE Favorites using Group Policy Preferences

I created a video this morning, because I got a request from fellow team member like you — Thomas P from Massachusetts.

He wanted to know the answer to a common question, which I demonstrate in my ONLINE and LIVE Group Policy classes (

Next one: Denver, CO – Aug 12 – 16th !

He wanted to learn how to deliver IE Favorites using Group Policy. Well, Thomas P (and all the Thomas P’s out there who wanted to know) .. Here’s the video (sends you to YouTube):

Next: To see some other amazing stuff you COULD be doing with IE, here’s a second video:

Final thoughts for the day: It’s not too late to sign up for Denver for August. We DONT have unlimited seats (duh).

And you’ll be able to FINALLY learn the RIGHT WAY to transition from XP to Win7 or 8 without blowing up the network or looking like a dufus (or is it doofus?)

Regardless: You don’t want to look like one.

So, get your act together, get the training you need, and see you in Devner. (For Pete’s sake, or, really, for your own sake.)

(Course outline and pricing and stuff is right there.)

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