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Apr 2008

Bugs in the ointment (one in a series)

There are -lots- of bugs in Vista RTM. Some are in the Group Policy space.

I'm not beating up the GP team in any way by reporting these facts to you. Indeed, it's my goal to help locate these bugs, and let you and the team know of them (together). That way, YOU can work around these bugs and THEY can whomp 'em.

So, stay tuned for lots of little things here and there which need a little spackle.

Bug #1: GP Filtering

The final policy settings appear not have been scrubbed such that there was one "At least" requirements for Vista.


There are two main sets of Vista-specific policy settings, each with their own "Requirements."

One set is: "At least Windows Vista"
The other set is: "At least Microsoft Windows Vista"

Most are in the later set. However, the FIRST set is first when you click in the "Fillter by Requirements information" so, most people (like me) will likely click that puppy and be "surprised" when most vista-specific policy settings aren't showing up.

Took me two weeks to figure out why I wasn't seeing it.
(I guess I'm slow.)

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