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May 2016

AMA replay now live, and Group Policy Not Dead Manifesto .. Updated !

Actually, this has three things:

1. AMA session replay.

I did a super fantastic ASK ME ANYTHING (AMA) session with my hosts at AdminArsenal. It was super fun. The replay is here: 

2. Group Policy not in Nano Server (Not News to me), but I updated the Why GP is Not Dead Manifesto.

Also, I already knew this, but apparently it was NOT known by some that Windows’ new Nano server has no Group Policy support.

You’d think I’d be upset about this, but I’m not. Not even a little bit. As such, I’ve updated my “Why GP Is not Dead” manifesto.

It’s another Blog entry, and that link is here. You can find that important reading here.

Search for the phrase: May 10th, 2016 update

3.  Microsoft also figured out that it’s too insane to bring up a new Windows 7 machine nowadays with 897 patches. So they they have a “rollup” of all the important fixes since Windows 7 SP1. Excellent. This is awesome.

Download it here to add to your (new) Windows 7 + SP1 build images.

Here’s the link. and

Be sure to check out the associated KB article,

Thanks and talk soon !

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