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Jun 2020

ADMX Windows 2020 and GPPreferences Escalation Bug CVE-2020-1317 Fixed

There were two big news items this week in GP-land:


1. The Windows "May 2020 Release" for ADMX templates is out.  You can get them here. Martin Briklmann on gHacks.Net already did a breakdown of what's new in the ADMX templates, so I don't have to. That review / overview is here. Nice job.


2. A research team uncovered a flaw in GPPrefs CSE User Based items.The basic gist is that GPPrefs User Side items (were) storing user policies in a user-writable %localappdata%\Microsoft\Group Policy\History directory when Remove this Item when it is no longer applied option is enabled. When GPupdate is called, the contents are read. If "evil" contents are present, the GPupdate process will perform the processing of those evil contents. As such, Microsoft fixed this in CVE-2020-1317. More reading about it and the direct download links to the patches can be found here.


This isn't an underlying problem in GP "the engine" itself; but rather GPPrefs and then specifically the user-side policies, and specifically, the printer policies. The patch will then change the location from user-space to ProgramData space when GPPrefs User side stores these values.


Hope this helps you out !

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