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Apr 2008

ADMX Converter and NetIQ Whitepaper and SEARCH !

Two quick notes:

Note #1:

In my testing of FullArmor/Microsoft's ADM to ADMX migrator tool, I encountered a bunch of issues. Namely, all sorts of ADM files I had hanging around wouldn't properly convert to ADMX. Actually, they WOULD convert, but then in the GPOE editor they would bomb out. So, after I reported these errors to FullArmor/Microsoft, I'm happy to say I got a great response for others in the same boat: "We've been working on a new release of ADMX Migrator and have resolved most of the issues including all of the issues raised by Jeremy. We will be feature complete in the next week and a half and expect to release beginning of October 2007. "


Note #2:

I have a new NetIQ sponsored whitepaper out called "Why GP Matters -- For Servers". Click here for that paper.


Note #3: now has a search engine. Check it out on the main page !

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