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May 2018

1803 ADMX files .. Errors that come with a Byte?

Some people, like my friend Brian I. (that’s “Brian I.”, not “Brian and I”)… discovered that upon UPDATING you existing Central Store with latest 1803 ADMX/ ADMLs.. You could get bitten.

The problem appears that the (current 1803) ADMX files are missing .. well.. and ADMX. That is, for every ADMX there should be a corresponding ADML file for each language.

And one ADMX file.. didn’t make it into the 1803 ADMX download: SearchOCR.admx.

So what’s happening is, that:

1. Some old (totally fine) ADMX version is there in your central store.
2. You leave that in place; and update/ overwrite the SearchOCR.ADML.
3. Now.. the OLD SearchOCR.ADML kind of “loses its mind” because he’s paired up with (essentially) the wrong SearchOCR.ADMX.

And.. Bingo. You’ve got an error message every time you open the GP editor.


There are a few ways to solve this.. (now, note I could not reproduce the problem, but I think I’ve got a strong handle on what would solve it.)

1. JUST WAIT. I dont know DIRECTLY.. but I bet this gets fixed in some minor Admx update from Microsoft.

2. Delete the SearchOCR.ADMX and SearchOCR.ADML in the central store (for now.). This is a little tricky because you cannot know if you’re using these policies or not. But even if you *ARE*, the data in any GPOs which use(d) this ADMX are still valid. Just the definitions are now “gone” if you try this. Then when Microsoft repairs this problem, you can put these files (just these) back in.

3. Hand-edit the SearchOCR.ADMX file you *HAVE* to make SearchOCR.ADMX **NOT** lose its mind and properly marry up withthe SearchOCR.ADML.

Nice step by step details are found here… (so I dont need to go over it.)

That’s it. Hope this gets you BACK on the road if you’re bitten by the 1803ADMX item.

Quick update, my friend Alan Burchill from GroupPolicy.Biz has this nice breakdown of the problem too. Click here for more.

(Another update): Official MS article about this published:

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