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Apr 2008

Vista slower than XP?

So my good friend Mark Minasi and I have this running debate about Vista. It's not about if Vista is BETTER than XP or not. It's about if Vista is SLOWER than XP. Mark is awesome, but he must have some killer hardware. I upgraded my laptop to a Dell D620 (you see me present on this puppy in my classes and at conferences.) It has 4GB RAM, 160GB 7200 RPM hard disk and all the bells and whistles. And Vista on it just runs like crud. So I went back to XP. But on my DESKTOPS, I find that I'm happier with Vista. Things are a lot punchier. I'm wondering if it's the disk (2.5 for laptop vs 3.5 for desktop) that makes the difference. Or a speedier Front Side Bus. Or something. But anyway.. this report just came out about how ON THE SAME HARDWARE that XP is FASTER than Vista. And I could have told you that already. I'm not bashing Microsoft. I'm just reporting my experience.. And I wish my experience was faster, not slower on the same hardware, is all.