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Why People Love: To see Jeremy Speak

Pamela Greaves

  • Pamela Greaves (Information Technology Specialist II, Solano County Library)

Seeing Jeremy at a TechMentor conference turned out to be one of the best sessions.

David R.

  • David R. (Urbaniak WorkWise, Inc)

After going to one of his sessions at WinConnections I was able to deploy Group Policy at my company with confidence!

Kenji D’Aguiar

  • Kenji D’Aguiar (Brevard County Library Systems, Cocoa, FL)

Great speech! I really enjoyed it to the max and learned about some new methods and tools.

Chris Coates, GFS

  • Chris Coates, GFS ()

I have heard Jeremy three times at Win Connections and always walk away with something useful.

Shawn Spencer

  • Shawn Spencer ()

Concise and to the point. This is why I love your books and go to your website for help.

Roberto Garcia

  • Roberto Garcia (Senior Network Engineer, LanLogic)

As always, your insight is invaluable. The gems you’ve provided in your books have saved me hours of research time.

Mark Ptacek

  • Mark Ptacek (Lead System Specialist, Coca Cola Bottling Company)

This was good information, I look forward to testing this out!

Neal Hunziker

  • Neal Hunziker (IT Manager, Advanced Ceramics Research Wed)

I saw Jeremy speak at a WinConnections conference and was very impressed. I took home some great tips that I still use regularly in my day to day work.

Tom Mack

  • Tom Mack (Mack Consulting, LLC Wed)

I was able to see how Group Policy could make my job easier and help my users at the same time.

David Page

  • David Page ()

I was able to convince my superiors about the power and importance of Group Policy and more importantly, get them to invest in some Group Policy resources.