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Why People Love: To see Jeremy Speak

Monec Kelley

  • Monec Kelley (Technical Consultant, Gyrus Systems, LLC)

At Jeremy’s presentation I learned tricks and tips on the scope of using GPO to manage a desktop environment, and how to create helpful documentation on what can be controlled with GPO. Plus, he utographed my copy of his book!

Mark Lucas

  • Mark Lucas (Lead System Administrator, California Institute of Technology)

Jeremy’s overview of the new features in Windows Vista/Server 2008 helped with planning for the future.”

Michael O’Quin

  • Michael O’Quin (Network Technician, Pacific Retirement Services)

During the 2007 TechEd, I attended a lecture by Jeremy on using Group Policy. One of the areas that he overed that I had never heard about was the Central Store Creator.

Michael Smith Hanger

  • Michael Smith Hanger (Orthopedic Group, Inc)

Now I am able to manage the local security groups on PCs using GPO.


  • Darren ()

I was very impressed with the knowledge Jeremy had of GP. He made GP management seem easy.


  • Elyes ()

After hearing Jeremy speak, I was immediately able to have a complete confidence that I have a person where I can get concise answers for any GP issue I might have.

Mike Bentley

  • Mike Bentley (Senior Manager of Infrastructure)

[I] have a better understanding of Group Policy and after buying your book that understanding increased. It helped us even more when we were setting up the Group Policy for XP.

Rob McShinsky

  • Rob McShinsky (Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center)

He has been the start to solving many policy questions our environment has.

Tom Moran

  • Tom Moran (IT Manager, Schroeder Industries)

I saw Jeremy last year in San Diego, CA.

Brian Young

  • Brian Young (Ridenow Powersports Management Group)

After hearing Jeremy speak, I was immediately able to understand the process of how Group Policy should be used at different levels with AD and to set up multiple policies with inheriting and nforcement properly applied.