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Why People Love: Jeremy’s Group Policy Book

Dan Holme, Intelliem

  • Dan Holme, Intelliem ()

This book is an unbelievable resource for anyone needing “The Word” on Group Policy.

Bryce Ulrich

  • Bryce Ulrich ()

Each edition of Jeremy’s book has outdone the other. I’ve read each of them and I continue to learn new things every time I open it.

Jason Fossen

  • Jason Fossen (SANS institute)

I buy every new edition that comes out. This particular edition includes major new updates for Vista, such as ADMX templates.

Mike Kline

  • Mike Kline ()

I agree with the other reviewers this book is an absolute must for any Windows 2000/2003 administrator.


  • Hilde ()

As is obvious to us “real world” AD Forest Rangers, Group Policy is very powerful and can be very dangerous.

Paul Sweet

  • Paul Sweet ()

I also agree with the other reviewers that this book is an absolute MUST for any Windows administrator. It’s easy to read & reference no matter what your level of expertise with GPOs.

Duncan Gibbs

  • Duncan Gibbs ()

This book uses any Group Policy knowledge you may think you already have and expands it by 1000% (technically impossible I know but you get my drift!).

William S. Boyd

  • William S. Boyd ()

THIS book has exceeded my expectations. It has already solved/answered many problems/questions I’ve had about GP and AD. It is a one stop problem solver.

William A. Keyes

  • William A. Keyes ()

This is the book to have if you need to implement Group Policy in your organization or even if you just want to find out how Group Policy really works. There is nothing out there like it.

D. Beaudry

  • D. Beaudry ()

This is an absolutely awesome book. Right away I was able to easily understand why some of my group policies weren’t working and it explained why it takes so long for some PC’s to get assigned software.