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Mike Kline

  • Mike Kline ()

I agree with the other reviewers this book is an absolute must for any Windows 2000/2003 administrator. Other books touch on Group Policy but Jeremy breaks it down and really explains what is going on. You want to create your own custom policies… it’s in there. Group Policy is not applying; how do you troubleshoot… it’s in there. You want in-depth coverage of roaming profiles… it’s in there. You want to know how the GPMC works… it’s in there.

You get my point. Group Policy is one of the most important aspects of AD and this book hits the ball out of the park. I also recommend his previous book Windows 2000 Group Policy. This book is also endorsed by Mark Minasi and Michael Dennis (Microsoft Group Policy Manger) so you know it has to be good. Trust the reviews and buy this one.