Testimonials Listing

Why People Love: James Conrad as their instructor

Scott Iver

  • Scott Iver (MCSE Systems Administrator, Royal Canin USA, Inc)

After taking Jeremy’s Group Policy Class, my staff and I were able to reduce the number of help desk calls dramatically!

John Shorey

  • John Shorey (Desktop Computing Specialist, Princeton University)

If you want to learn everything about Group Policy, then you need to attend Jeremy’s training class,

Glen Morris

  • Glen Morris (Network Administrator, Mondial Assistance)

Jeremy is absolutely the best presenter and instructor I have seen. I really would like to get the same type of instruction for other IT courses.

Will Fahim

  • Will Fahim (Senior Network Engineer, County of Orange, CA)

I used the tools

Tad Johnson

  • Tad Johnson (Lead Systems Administrator)

After hearing Jeremy speak, I was immediately able to confidently use GPMC, and successfully deploy many GPO’s which have saved my sanity and added years to my life.

David Nietrzeba

  • David Nietrzeba (Server Administrator, University of Toledo)

After taking Jeremy’s class, I was able to create and troubleshoot Group Policy in our environment.

Anthony White

  • Anthony White (Sr. Systems Administrator, Adventist Health Systems)

I was able to apply some of the Group Policy best practices that I had not already implemented.

Richard DiNardo

  • Richard DiNardo (Tech Support Specialist, Fidelity Bank)

I sincerely enjoyed the class in Boston and I learned a lot.

Mark Flannery

  • Mark Flannery (Manager, IT Operations, Miller-Valentine Group)

After listening to Jeremy, I felt much more confident in working with Group Policy.

Deborah Adam

  • Deborah Adam (ATK Launch Systems)

Jeremy has a way of explaining things that are down to earth. He takes a potentially dry subject and makes it more fun.